Developing an Evaluation Framework for a Global Network of Philanthropists

Client: The Synergos Institute
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: "Annie Hitchens, Gwen Neely, Michael Provenza "
Year: 2008
"The Synergos Institute is dedicated to bringing together governments, businesses, civil society organizations, individual leaders, and philanthropists to address the underlying causes of poverty and inequity by employing innovative strategies that lead to meaningful, long­term change. Synergos requested that the Capstone team create a set of assessment tools for appraising one of its programs, the Global Philanthropists Circle. The Global Philanthropists Circle is an international network of philanthropists dedicated to eliminating poverty and increasing equity through collaboration and targeted giving initiatives. The Capstone team developed an evaluation framework and a set of measurement tools to assess the impact of the network activities on the members' philanthropy. These tools will enable Synergos to support a more effecive and strategic group of philanthropists."