Developing Participatory Instruments and Administrative Guidelines for Evaluating and Monitoring the Women's Land Link Africa Program

Client: Huairou Commission
Faculty: Jody Spiro
Team: "Jyotswaroop Bawa, Dorian Caal, Batseba Kassahun, Dan Osnato"
Year: 2008
"The Huairou Commission is a global coalition of networks, institutions, and individual professionals that links grassroots women's community development organizations to partners. The networks gain access to resources, information sharing and political space, whereas the development professionals are linked to on­the­ground practice. Currently, the coalition focuses its joint efforts on five campaigns: Governance; AIDS; Disaster; Land and Housing; and Peace Building. The Huairou Commission Capstone project goal is to design a monitoring and evaluation process, including instruments and administration guidelines, specifically for the land and housing program called Women's Land Link Africa (WLLA). Currently, the WLLA program participants have no stan­dardized processes or goals to monitor and evaluate their service delivery or demonstrate results as part of accountability to key stakeholders. The processes developed will be grassroots focused, participatory, have simple/accessible language, reflect the overall Huairou Commission vision, and reflect aspects important to Huairou Commission partners. "