Developing a Sustainable Volunteer Program

Client: Bronx Council on the Arts
Faculty: Sara Grant and Merle McGee
Team: Rachel Cochran, Jackie Gerard, Lisa Maher, Julie Teague, Jacquelyn Ward
Year: 2013

Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage and increase public awareness and participation in the arts, and to nurture the development of artists and cultural organizations. With a goal of raising the organization’s profile, BCA requested a Capstone team to assist in developing a formalized volunteer program. The Capstone team began by conducting an environmental scan, competitor analysis, and evaluation of successful volunteer programs; followed by the development and distribution of an extensive survey to internal members of BCA. The information was compiled, researched, and analyzed to produce a report of findings and recommendations, which would assist BCA in establishing and implementing a volunteer program. The report’s recommendations will guide BCA in fulfilling their mission by assessing their image, increasing their brand, developing a successful recruitment plan, implementing marketing strategies, increasing fundraising and selecting and training engaged volunteers.