Development of a Pediatric Urgent Care Center

Client: Maimonides Medical Center
Faculty: Amy Goldman, Roger Kropf
Team: Phoebe Garcia, Heraa Hajelsafi, Molly Kreider, Naiqi Sun, Lauren Tanenbaum
Year: 2010
The goal of this Capstone team's project was to assist Maimonides Medical Center in creating a pediatric urgent care center service model. By routing non-acute pediatric patients to a setting more appropriate for treatment of non-emergent problems, Maimonides can provide them, as well as acute emergency room patients, with higher quality medical care. In order to develop a business plan for the urgent care center, the group researched and evaluated existing pediatric urgent care models, both freestanding and hospital-affiliated, throughout the country to acquire best practice characteristics. Patient demographic and volume data was collected and analyzed to help identify an appropriate location and size for the center. The team also performed an urgent care needs assessment by interviewing and surveying key stakeholders within Maimonides and physicians in the community. Financial data was incorporated to project revenue for the center. Based on this information, the team presented Maimonides with recommendations for the creation of a successful pediatric urgent care center.