Documentation and Analysis of the City of New York’s Heat, Light, and Power

Client: New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services, Office of Energy Conservation
Faculty: Mark Musell
Team: Luis Anaya, Steve Froehlich, Peter Grace, Bryan Hoppe, Chiwon Kim, Nellie Ng
Year: 2006
New York City currently spends over $500 million on the energy required to run city government operations. The Capstone team evaluated the computer model the City uses to forecast those costs for budget purposes. The model estimates costs for approximately 80 agencies, covering 26 utilities and 43 rate plans. As part of the evaluation, the Capstone team documented the model (identifying inputs, outputs, formulas, and linkages between data), analyzed the budget forecasting process and methodology, and developed recommendations for improvement. In addition, the team reviewed energy budgeting products and provided recommendations for enhancing monthly variance reporting. The project was requested by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) and the Office of Energy Conservation (OEC). DCAS provides support services for City agencies, and the OEC is responsible for developing the City’s annual Heat, Light and Power budget.

This Capstone was made possible with the support from an anonymous donor through FJC: A Donor-Advised Fund.