Drug Distribution and Medication Administration - Next Generation Planning

Client: New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Faculty: Amy Goldman, Roger Kropf
Team: Mark Concepcion, Beejal Mathuria, Vishal Patel, Mytri Sundaresh, Mo Zhou
Year: 2010
New York-Presbyterian Hospital's (NYPH) ultimate goal is to provide patients with high quality, safe and compassionate care. As one of the initiatives towards this goal, NYPH requested a Capstone team to evaluate the impact of a cart-less medication administration system on nurses' time spent in direct patient care. The team conducted observations and focus group interviews with nurses in both cart-less and carted units to study the respective medication administration processes. Based on this information, the team composed a list of barriers to the medication administration process in each of these units. In the final report, the team provided recommendations to overcome these barriers and improve the process in these units based on the data obtained and literature review. In addition, the team also provided NYPH with recommendations for the transition to and implementation of a cart-less system throughout the NYPH facilities.