Elmhurst Hospital Center’s Obstetrics Service Project

Client: Elmhurst Hospital Center of the Queens Health Network
Faculty: Amy Goldman and Roger Kropf
Team: Aneleen Dizon, Anastasia Hagan, Ying-hua Liu, Eugenia Zan
Year: 2006
Elmhurst Hospital’s obstetrics service has experienced a significant decline in the number of obstetrics deliveries in the past several years. The Hospital engaged a Capstone team to analyze OB models of care nation-wide and within the New York Metropolitan Area and to provide suggestions for changes in Elmhurst’s OB services that would improve patient satisfaction as well as increase new patient referrals. To address the problem, the following objectives were reached: (1) find nationwide obstetrics services/models of care; (2) analyze Elmhurst Hospital obstetrics delivery services; (3) choose relevant models of care; (4) propose changes to the current model of care; and (5) develop a marketing plan to promote obstetrics services available to the community.