Enhancing Growth Strategy for the NYU Amputee Support Program

Client: New York University Langone Medical Center Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
Faculty: John Donnellan
Team: Jessica Amrhein, Tatyana Gelfand, Bridget McClure, Greta Nemets, Anmol Singh
Year: 2011
The NYU Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine was established in 1948 with an aim of providing care for the entire patient and not just a particular disability. The NYU Amputee Support Program (NASP) was created in August 2008 to further advance the institute's dedication to excel­lence in meeting the emotional, psycho­logical, and social needs of its patients. The Capstone team was tasked with evalu­ating the program's strengths and short­comings before the program expands locally and nationally. The team conducted focus groups to gather information and feedback from current NASP members and non­support group members. The team then compiled and analyzed these find­ings to develop a set of recommendations to help Rusk define the program's growth strategies and enhance its infrastructure.