Envisioning the Future of the South Bronx Waterfront

Client: Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance: Port Morris/Hunts Point
Faculty: Mitchell Moss and Carter Craft
Team: Nicole Dooskin, Ashley Ley, Kris Lindberg, Nick Molinari, Allison Ruddock, Renee Spath-Espiau
Year: 2005
The South Bronx waterfront Capstone team examined the neighborhoods of Hunts Point and Port Morris and created a South Bronx Waterfront Improvement Plan. This plan reflects the initiative and energy that is driving the revitalization of the South Bronx. The residents of the study area carry the burden of New York City’s most noxious and entrenched industrial institutions. These include waste transfer stations, power plants, a sewage treatment plant, and a prison barge. This proposal balances the community’s desire f or open space and safe waterfront access, the economic importance of the area’s industrial concentration, the need to move goods in a more environmentally sound manner, and the ecological and historic significance of the area. Elements of the plan include street end parks, a water-front greenway, transportation enhancements, and environmental education opportunities. These proposals synthesize and expand on the goals of numerous community groups, city agencies, elected officials, and concerned citizens of the South Bronx.

This Capstone was made possible with the support from an anonymous donor through FJC: A Donor-Advised Fund.