Evaluating the Feasibility of Expansion for the Harlem Educational Activities Fund

Client: Harlem Educational Activities Fund
Faculty: Rona Affoumado
Team: "Katie Appel, Chris Brown, Scott Clarke, Krystal Reyes"
Year: 2008
"The Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) is a college preparatory and youth development organization whose goal is to assist students from educationally and/or economically disadvantaged communities to develop the intellectual and life skills necessary to succeed at New York City's most competitive public high schools and the nation's leading colleges and universities. In recent years, HEAF has seen an increase in the number of applicants from outside the Harlem community and has outlined efforts in its strategic plan to expand the program in order to serve more students. HEAF requested the Capstone team's assistance in assessing the feasibility of expansion. Through stakeholder interviews, surveys, and community asset mapping, the team assessed the feasibility of replicating two of HEAF's signature programs for middle school students by identifying potential geographic areas for expansion, recommending potential community partners, and outlining necessary operational components. "