Evaluating the Impact of an Educational Enrichment Program on Young Students and their Community in Adama, Ethiopia

Client: Seeds of Africa Foundation
Faculty: Steven Schall, Katherine Bourne
Team: Akua Ahmed, Precious Buxton, Harshi Hettige, Tupochele Mtila
Year: 2012
In Ethiopia, 39 percent of the population is below the international poverty line, the total adult literacy rate is 36 percent, and the primary school net enrollment is 45 percent. Seeds of Africa is a nonprofit international organization based out of New York City and Adama, Ethiopia that seeks to combat these and other recurring issues through an educational enrichment initiative. The organization sought an evaluation of their program’s impact on their students and community before moving forward. The Capstone team conducted in-depth research on after-school education, evaluation tools, and consulted field experts in order to develop a thorough, multi-faceted evaluation system. The team collected quantitative and qualitative data in Adama by conducting stakeholder interviews, documenting data, and observing and assessing students by implementing the evaluation they developed. The team provided a comprehensive final report of findings and recommendations, which Seeds of Africa can use to improve its program and understand the scope of its impact.