Evaluating the Performance of a Russian NGO in HIV/AIDS Policy and Advocacy

Client: Transatlantic Partners Against AIDS/ Global Business Coalition
Faculty: Lucille Pilling
Team: "Erdeta Bani, Marijeanne Kachur, Scott Morgan, Pratiksha Patel, Haley Socha"
Year: 2008
"Epidemiologists have called the increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS in the Russian Federation the second wave of the pandemic. In Russia, stigma and lack of services for most­at­risk groups such as injecting drug users is a real threat against efforts to curb the epidemic. Transatlantic Partners Against AIDS/Global Business Coalition (TPAA/GBC) has been working with the Russian Interfactional Deputies' Working Group on HIV/AIDS, a coalition of State Duma members, since April 2004. The Moscow­based Policy and Leadership Team performs education and advocacy activities to raise awareness and inform the coalition on a range of policy issues related to HIV/AIDS. The Capstone team conducted an evaluation and analysis of the Policy and Leadership Program and its effectiveness to date. The qualitative assessment included interviews with TPAA staff as well as other partners and stake­holders. The final report included recommendations for the Policy and Leadership Team and its role in the to­be­merged TPAA/GBC organization. "