Evaluating Two Innovative Employment Programs for Individuals on Probation in NYC

Client: New York City Department of Probation
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: Valerie Levshin, Ginny Adey, Nicole Ebitt, Brent Cohen
Year: 2009
This Capstone project is an implementation evaluation of two innovative employment programs for individuals on probation in New York City. The programs, Employment Works and the New York City Justice Corps, are mayoral initiatives funded through the Center for Economic Opportunity. Eligible probationers are referred to specialized services designed to help them obtain better paying and more meaningful employment. The project evaluates Department of Probation's role in the programs' assessment and referral process, and analyzes how closely this process matches the original design. The evaluation involves a series of key informant interviews with agency leadership, program managers, probation officers, and probationers, as well as an online survey, quantitative analysis, literature and document review, and in-person observations. The team will specify an audit protocol that outlines the procedures for replicating the program evaluation in the future, and will deliver a report that highlights successes and concerns, and makes recommendations for improvements.