An Evaluation of Arizona Drug Treatment and Education Fund: How is it Operating and Does it Work?

Faculty: Jan Blustein and Dick Netzer
Team: Stephanie Albert, Heather Blumberg, Caitlyn Brazill, Mayumi Fukushima, Kim Keaton, Sara Niccoli
Year: 2004
This study utilizes administrative data from the Arizona Drug Treatment and Education Fund from 1997-2003. The Capstone team utilized a combination of qualitative and quantitative strategies to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the program at the process and output levels. The team found some evidence that the program strays from its logic model from a lack of evidence supporting some basic activities and in the assignment of probationers to treatment. The team also found that urban residency is an important predictor of both program assignment and program completion. The data showed significant differences in the likelihood of success of the different treatment options, even after controlling for assessed need, risk, and disruption levels. The team hopes this research can be used to assist program staff in improving program processes and outcomes and improve the conditions for meaningful and targeted future evaluation.