Evaluation of the fields of Caregivers? and Correctional Health Care

Client: Jacob and Valeria Langleloth Foundation
Faculty: John Donnellan
Team: Shawna Jacob, Samhita Reddy, Stephanie Zefferino, Elisabeth Piehl, Julie Shahroudi
Year: 2009
The Langeloth Foundation is a grant-giving organization centered on the concepts of health and well-being. Caregivers? and Correctional health have been priority funding areas for Langeloth since 2003 and 2006, respectively. The key question the Foundation wished to have answered was which direction they should take regarding future Caregivers? and Correctional health care grants. The Capstone team evaluated the impact that Langeloth-funded grants in these priority areas have had in their respective fields and worked to develop an overall strategy for future funding and recommendations on the most pressing policy issues of the respective fields. The team conducted a literature review, an online survey, phone interviews, and focus groups of grantees and thought-leaders in the two fields. Finally, the team developed and recommended grant-funding goals with identified outcomes and objectives that serve as a guide to measure a grant's success.