Evaluation of Hesperian Foundation's Publication: Where There Is No Doctor

Client: Hesperian Foundation
Faculty: Lucille Pilling
Team: "Kelly Davis, Linda Eng Warshaw, Jenna Liut, Danielle Reichner"
Year: 2008
"Hesperian Foundation is a nonprofit publisher of books that provide practical, life­saving medical information. Hesperian's best­known publication, “Where There Is No Doctor,” is used by medical missionaries, Peace Corp volunteers, and NGOs around the world. The organization's simple database of anecdotal evidence and buyer information, however, cannot track the distribution of books or measure how the book communicates information and affects health outcomes. To provide Hesperian with an assessment of how “Where There Is No Doctor” is used and distributed, the Capstone team created three online surveys, in both English and Spanish. This was disseminated to a sample of individual and organizational buyers from the last two years, as well as those who received the book gratis. The final report analyzed the surveys' results to guide Hesperian's future strategic plan­ning and publication development, as well as provided a replicable survey and case study methodology for future evaluations."