Examining Definitions and Indicators of Social and Academic Competence for Mission Driven Programming

Client: Girls Quest
Faculty: Sara Grant and Merle McGee
Team: "Elizabeth Alter, Faith C. Corbett, Jen Dobossy, Ashley Salmon-Wander, Sarah Verity"
Year: 2008
"Girls Quest aims to improve the social and academic competence of girls ages 8­14 from underserved communities in New York through its summer learning program (SEED). The Capstone team was enlisted to define and determine indicators of ""social and academic competence"" in order to have clear outcomes against which to evaluate SEED and other programs in the future. Through a study of academic and social competence, both from scholarly literature and like­minded organizations, and a workshop with Girls Quest staff and board members, the team facilitated the creation of a definition of social and academic competence that is clear and measurable, as well as specific to Girls Quest. This definition will provide Girls Quest with language to articulate the impact of its program, as well as provide measurable outcomes to ensure the success of future evaluation efforts. "