Fathers Initiative Project

Client: Palladia, Inc.
Faculty: David Hansell And Regina Quattrochi
Team: Abigail Diner, Nina Schwartz Kantrowitz, Patrice Lee, Miranda Smith, and Amanda Truppa
Year: 2006
Palladia, one of the largest nonprofit, multi-service agencies in New York City, recently adopted a family-focused approach to its work and was interested in enhancing its services specifically for fathers. The goal of the Palladia Capstone project was to assist the organization in better understanding the fathers in its substance abuse treatment programs, the role they play in their children’s lives, and what types of programs and services would help them achieve their fathering goals. In order to provide Palladia with this information, the Capstone team conducted a literature and policy review, researched similar program models, interviewed current staff and clients, and analyzed Palladia’s current data.