Feasibility Study for GMHC Medical Clinic

Client: GMHC
Faculty: John Donnellan
Team: Annie Cloke, Zakiya Devine, Shannon Kelley, Amber Mullins, Liz Osius
Year: 2012
Since its founding in 1981 during the onset of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the United States, GMHC has played a leading role at the local, state, and national level in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Through their extensive social services and programs for clients, GMHC has identified an emerging need for medical and rehabilitative services within their unique population of clients. The Capstone team performed a health care needs assessment and market analysis to determine the feasibility of expanding beyond a social services and policy organization to a medical services provider. The Capstone team used findings from the needs assessment and market analysis to determine strategic next steps for the organization.