A Framework for Longitudinal Program Evaluation

Client: Palladia, Inc.
Faculty: S.J Avery and Ana Oliveira
Team: Sherman Browne, Samuel Bufter, Jessica Gunderson, Will Lavy
Year: 2009
Many nonprofits are tasked with continually addressing and responding to issues of accountability, cost-effectiveness, program performance, and impact. One of the largest multi-service agencies in New York City whose services include a variety of substance-abuse treatment programs, Palladia wants to address the challenge of quantitatively demonstrating that their programs effectively improve and impact clients? behaviors over time. The Capstone project goal was to provide Palladia with a framework to conduct longitudinal program evaluation that will enable them to better track and understand the impact of their substance abuse interventions on client outcomes and to develop the operational infrastructure to track former clients and conduct such an evaluation. The Capstone team worked with Palladia to broaden the understanding of treatment and service provision by recommending mechanisms that appropriately assess the treatment success of clients.