Goat Hope Social Venture Goat Farm

Client: Medical Relief Alliance
Faculty: Steven Schall, Katherine Bourne
Team: Boykin Clarke, Caroline Keeley, Vedrana Misic, Linda Rodriguez, Valerie Varco
Year: 2012
The Capstone team provided a market analysis and business plan for a dairy goat farm in Kenya for Medical Relief Alliance (MRA). MRA is a small NGO with a goat-gifting program (Goat Hope) for women affected by HIV/AIDS. MRA’s objective is to start a Social Venture Goat Farm (SVGF) that will fund the expansion of project Goat Hope to an additional 200 families annually. In addition to the market analysis of goat milk products in Kenya, the Capstone team conducted a comprehensive overview of good animal husbandry practices affecting dairy goat milk production as well as a review of commercial goat-rearing practices in Kenya and in the U.S. and an assessment of goat breeding competitors. The culmination of the Capstone team’s work resulted in a series of recommendations set forth in a business development plan that gives MRA a roadmap to introduce SVGF’s goat milk and value-added products into Kenyan supermarkets.