Helping the Imagine Project Move to the Next Phase by Perfecting Internal Processes

Client: Imagine Project
Faculty: Rona Affoumado
Team: Haliyma Barrow, Alison Devenny, Carly Highsmith, Ryan Richards, Daniel Torrez
Year: 2010
Imagine Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing creativity and imagination of at risk children through the performing arts. The Imagine Project presents its program at a variety of homeless shelters, schools, and community centers throughout New York City. Founded in 1992, the program is designed to provide children with a unique creative outlet and training ground in which they learn to cultivate and treasure the imaginative process. Imagine is at a key turning point as it is eager to expand its program reach to touch as many children as possible. In order to do so, internal processes and board participation needs to be optimized. After an in depth analysis, the Capstone team compiled and analyzed this information to produce recommendations to help Imagine perfect its internal processes. A program guide was also created in order to help educators truly understand the Imagine program and eventually recreate the program at other locations. These recommendations will aide in guiding Imagine as it creates a solid financial structure, builds an effective board, continues to expand its partnerships, and focuses on taking its internal processes to the next level.