Hempstead Performing Arts Center Feasibility Study

Client: Village of Hempstead, Community Development Agency
Faculty: Audrey Slade and Rae Zimmerman
Team: Kate Bender, David Drits, Adam Freed, Javeriya Syed, Luz Tavarez, Robert Williams
Year: 2007
The Village of Hempstead, located in the Town of Hempstead in central Nassau County, has experienced economic decline and blight in previous decades and is currently embarking on a plan of downtown revitalization and redevelopment. As part of its plans for downtown Hempstead, the Hempstead Community Development Agency is considering the development of a performing arts center. The Capstone team has been charged with investigating the issues surrounding the construction and operation of a performing arts center in Hempstead. In order to do so, the team researched and analyzed comparable case studies of communities that had built performing arts centers to determine indicators of success and/or failure. The team integrated the case study information into a report that included a market analysis, a cost-benefit analysis, and research on potential financing and operational options for the proposed performing arts center.