Identifying Practices that Increase Ethnic and Racial Diversity of Senior Management

Client: National Human Services Assembly
Faculty: Sean Harvey
Team: Adam Drucker, MaryBeth Gonzales, Selena Juneau­Vogel, Monisha Makhijani, Michael Turi
Year: 2011
The National Human Services Assembly is an association of national nonprofits working in the fields of health, human and community development, and human serv­ices. One of the Assembly's current priori­ties is to identify practices that increase ethnic and racial diversity within the sen­ior management of member organizations. Although much has been written about workplace diversity in general, little research has focused specifically on diver­sity outcomes within senior management. The Capstone team examined this issue through primary and secondary research. The team distributed surveys to Assembly member CEOs and human resources lead­ers, conducted focus groups, and inter­viewed several industry experts. The team shared its findings in a best prac­tices guide that can be used by the Assembly, its members, and other non­profits to extend the benefits of diversity to all levels of staff and management.