The impact of 340B in NY

Client: NYCRx
Faculty: Amy Goldman and Roger Kropf
Team: Almeta Brown, Spencer Carrucciu, Helee Desai, Justin Etinger, Lauren Hedinger
Year: 2013

The nonprofit organization NYCRx assists entities that are eligible for the 340B Federal Discount Drug Program in implementing and managing the 340B programs in New York. As part of recent NY Medicaid redesign, NY State has allowed 340B entities to optionally carve Medicaid managed care prescription coverage into 340B. The goal of the Capstone team was to provide NYCRx with recommendations for how stakeholders can best leverage the benefits of the program. The Capstone team completed a literature review, conducted a questionnaire which assesses the benefits of 340B to member clinics, and used pharmacy data provided by NYCRx to model various cost sharing structures. The results can be used to aid NYCRx in its communication with 340B entities and to inform policy stakeholders of the impact of the carve-in on the entities involved. Being the first study of its kind, the findings have the potential to influence health policy decisions nationally.