Impact Evaluation of the HCCI Construction Trade Academy Program

Client: Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement
Faculty: Christine Campbell
Team: "Eduardo Betancourt, Keely Freeman, Kristin Minser, Marjorie Parker and Faith Perfecto"
Year: 2008
"Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Inc., (HCCI) is a nonprofit organization committed to the revitalization of Harlem. HCCI provides an array of services to residents such as housing, job training, employment opportunities, and commercial revitalization. HCCI asked the Capstone team to evaluate its Construction Trades Academy (CTA), a short term program offered by HCCI that prepares residents with skills in the building maintenance and construction industries and offers successful graduates job placement and retention services. HCCI was interested in determining the effectiveness of the CTA program by evaluating whether the program leads to higher earnings, jobs in the construction or maintenance industries, and overall improvement in the lives of its participants. HCCI asked the Capstone team to conduct a process and impact evaluation of the program. The team reviewed the program process by assessing program materials, observing classes, and interviewing staff. The process evaluation will help identify the program's strengths and weaknesses and HCCI can modify its program, if needed. To determine the long term impact of the pro¬gram, the team utilized a comparison group, surveys, and statistical analysis to isolate the effects of the CTA program, make conclusions, and provide recommendations. "