Impact of Healthcare Reform on New Jersey Federally Qualified Health Centers

Client: Nonprofit Finance Fund
Faculty: Amy Goldman, Roger Kropf
Team: Carlo Balane­Bolivar, Eda Chan, Andrea Hardee, Pauline Poompan, Robbie Pruthi
Year: 2011
The Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is com­mitted to creating a strong, well­capital­ized, and durable nonprofit sector that effectively connects money to mission. To date, NFF of New Jersey has primarily served the needs of nonprofit organizations in the arts and social service sectors. With the recent passage of health reform, NFF is presented with an opportunity to expand its services to the community healthcare sector. To assist NFF in identifying how it can expand to this sector, the Capstone team researched provisions in the recentlylegislated Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that are relevant to primary care providers. The Capstone team also assessed the financial needs of members of the New Jersey Primary Care Association (NJPCA). With this information, the Capstone team recommended a role for NFF in meeting members' financial needs resulting from PPACA, either independently or in partnership with NJPCA