Impact Review of the Homeland Security Grant-Funded Projects at FDNY

Client: New York City Fire Department
Faculty: Charles Brecher, George Sweeting
Team: Jieqing Ding, Li Huang, Cait LaMorte, Jason Rhee
Year: 2012
The Capstone team worked with the NYC Fire Department to develop an impact review model to better measure the effects of high-value homeland security grant-funded projects. The Capstone team conducted extensive research on previous studies of impact measurement and “scorecards” that have been developed by fire departments in comparable cities. The team and the client chose to use FDNY hazardous materials projects as a test case. The team met with department staff and acquired detailed project descriptions and spending history from 2005 to 2010 to analyze the spending trends and outcomes. Analysis of this data identified some limitations in metrics currently collected by the department. The Capstone team presented recommendations to FDNY to improve measurement of the degree to which homeland security funds have enhanced the department’s preparedness since September 11, 2001.