The Impact of the Trickle Up Program’s Business Skills Training on Entrepreneurs in Bolivia, India, and Uganda

Client: The Trickle Up Program
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: Deniz Kurtel, Barry Markowitz, Marysol Masse-Makimura, Lynna Ochoa, Galia Rubinstein, Claire Walden
Year: 2004
The Trickle Up Program (TUP) is an international nonprofit organization that delivers seed capital grants and business training to low-income entrepreneurs who want to launch their own microenterprises. TUP implements its program in partnership with community agencies that identify and train entrepreneurs using TUP’s curriculum and materials. The Capstone team assessed the impact of TUP’s business skills training program on entrepreneurs and partner agencies in Bolivia, India, and Uganda. The team developed two evaluation instruments to capture the impact of TUP’s training, documented best training practices, and outlined recommendations to help TUP standardize and streamline its training program in a manner that can be adapted to diverse cultures.