Implementation of an Electronic Health Record

Client: Community Healthcare Network
Faculty: Roger Kropf and Amy Goldman
Team: "Vanessa Giannone, Amy Goldman, Shivani Jain, Lawrence Lupkin, Pratik Thaker"
Year: 2008
"Community Healthcare Network (CHN) is a nonprofit organization that provides access to affordable, culturally­competent and comprehensive community­based primary care, mental health, and social services for diverse populations in underserved communities throughout New York City. In anticipation of the implementation of eClinicalWorks, an Electronic Health Record, CHN asked the Capstone team to perform a pre­and post­implementation analysis of selected clinics and make recommendations to facilitate a smooth transition away from paper records. CHN's primary goal was to assess how patient wait times would be affected by the Electronic Health Record. The team conducted site visits and analyzed existing workflows and policies prior to the date on which use of the Electronic Health Record would begin. The team then made extensive recommendations to improve efficiencies. The updated workflows were intended to serve as a model for post­implementation practice management and clinical operations. "