Implementing an Electronic Medical Record for Village Care Nursing Home

Client: Village Care New York Nursing Home
Faculty: Roger Kropf and Robert Jacobs
Team: Jaime Altman, Adriana Bio, Loretta Nastasi, LaVonne Payne, Meredith Reh, Lissa Schiele, Maureen Tuohy
Year: 2004
The Capstone team was assigned the project of developing a technology implementation plan to help Village Care New York Nursing Home’s employees meet the regulatory challenges posed by the dispersion of the nursing home. The tasks of Phase I included identifying the major regulatory compliance issues, interviewing key staff members, and conducting an investigation of the relevant technology in the long-term care market. After completing Phase I, Village Care shifted the project’s focus towards the implementation of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). In Phase II the team became familiar with the components of a Village Care Nursing Home resident’s chart; interviewed key staff members to determine what components of the chart would be essential for inclusion in an EMR for communication between remote settings; reviewed industry literature on EMR; and visited similar organizations currently using an EMR. The team’s research-based recommendations to Village Care included listing top priorities for implementation of an EMR; describing necessary mobile technologies used to support an EMR system; listing expected challenges and obstacles for implementing the new system; explaining strategies to gain staff support for the EMR; and providing vendor quotes for software and hardware of the EMR system.