Implementing an Organization-Wide Attendance Tracking and Market Research System

Client: El Museo del Barrio
Faculty: Rona Affoumado
Team: Nneka Fritz, Tim LeBouthillier, David Loewy, Jennifer Roberts
Year: 2006
El Museo del Barrio – New York City’s premier institution for Latino arts and culture – sought to better understand its current and potential markets. The Capstone team assessed industry practices in attendance tracking and audience development by surveying staff at similar arts and cultural organizations. A literature review in these areas specifically examined practices for developing relationships with Latino markets. Key demographic data were identified, and the Capstone team interviewed El Museo’s staff to determine what information was of priority to them. From the results of these investigations, the team recommended the following: 1) that El Museo implement a visitor relations software system to manage both demographic information and the administrative functions of museum admission and events scheduling; 2) that periodic market research combine on-line and on-site survey instruments, and 3) that the museum narrow the scope of such surveys to the information of highest priority to their staff. (A sample survey instrument was offered to accomplish this last goal.) These suggestions would provide El Museo del Barrio with a more complete picture of their customer base and a more seamless structure for the flow of that information throughout the organization.