Implementing Performance Measurement Tools at an NYC After-School Performing Arts Program

Client: Opening Act
Faculty: Erica Foldy
Team: Miriam Altman, Ben Espinosa, Danielle Mindess, Diana Norton, Elizabeth Sewell
Year: 2013

Opening Act is a free, after-school theater program operating in 33 underserved New York City public high schools. Opening Act requested assistance from a Capstone team to refine and implement a newly developed performance measurement system. After consulting subject matter experts, surveying stakeholders, and conducting best practice research, the team identified a series of refinements and additions that would improve the system. The team streamlined beginning and end-of-year student surveys, created systems for collecting school data, built a dashboard for displaying data and analyses, and wrote detailed instruction documents for implementation and use of the tools. The team aimed to leave Opening Act in a position to collect performance data accurately and efficiently, interpret and report on that data in a compelling and clear fashion, and train future staff members on the effective use of performance measurement tools.