Improving Data Collection Methods at FEGS to Optimize Efficiency

Client: FEGS
Faculty: Amy Goldman and Roger Kropf
Team: Aditi Anand, Goldie Aranov, Chi Kei Lee, Rajit Nair, Jessica Wilson, Anna Yick
Year: 2013

Founded in 1934, FEGS is one of the largest and most diverse nonprofit health and human services organizations in the US. FEGS Behavioral Health Division, responsible for tracking and submitting financial and statistical information to outside funding agencies, engaged a Capstone team to assist with its data management. The team was tasked with automating the data collection system for one of the programs that used manual record keeping, and performing an analysis of the Division’s staffing models. The team recommended an improved data collection system, defined the proposed process and changes in user roles, and developed proper training for all users focusing specifically on FEGS’ LINK program. The tool created aimed to be user-friendly, streamline communications, meet organizational expectations, and create accountability. Additionally, after analyzing the current staffing model and service delivery infrastructure, the team made recommendations to help FEGS adapt to health care reform and the move towards integrated care models.