Improving Nonprofit Operations Through a Fiscal Policies and Procedures Manual

Client: Inwood House
Faculty: John Brothers and Monte Kurs
Team: "Lauren Burnham, Ali Khan, Mallory Kozar, Jenn McVetty, Smith Rodes"
Year: 2008
"Inwood House is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young people become healthy and self­reliant adults through pregnancy prevention, youth development, and teen family support programs. Following a recent expansion, Inwood House requested that a Capstone team assess the relationship between the fiscal and program offices, make recommendations to improve fiscal operations, and create an organization­wide Fiscal Policies and Procedures Manual. The Capstone team researched fiscal manuals and interviewed fiscal and program staff. The team drafted a Fiscal Policies and Procedures Manual and convened a task force of Inwood House program staff to edit and approve the manual. After finalizing the manual, the team conducted a train­the­trainer session to prepare Task Force members to train their staff on how to use the new Fiscal Manual. Based on feedback from the interviews and additional research, the team presented additional recommendations for Inwood House's Fiscal Office. The new manual, training, and recommendations will help align and connect fiscal and program staff in supporting Inwood House's mission. "