Improving Nursing Information Dissemination Practice at NYP

Client: New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Faculty: Anthony Kovner, Willie Manzano, Rosemary Sullivan
Team: Jill Sinclair Gurda, Tania Hodgson, David Pinsky, Peter Roppolo, Donna Tinling Solages
Year: 2010
The Capstone team worked with a leadership team from New York-Presbyterian (NYP) Hospital to examine the elements of the current transfer of information to nursing staff and to improve the current nursing information dissemination practice across all five campuses. Focus groups with Nursing Leadership were conducted to identify opportunities for improvement as well as best practices among the sites. A staff survey was sent electronically to all nurse employees via Survey Monkey. Interviews with hospitals and companies outside of NYP that had been identified as leaders in communication with their employees were completed. Departments within NYP that were critical in data collection included IT, HR, and Nursing Education. The recommendations can be utilized by the hospital to improve communication, ensuring effectiveness of communication across all of nursing.