Improving NYC Schools through Innovative Best Practices

Client: New York City Department of Education
Faculty: John Brothers, Monte Kurs
Team: Riley Bauling, Mike Larson, Abigail Talcott, Tim Truong
Year: 2010
Under the outdated "industrial model" of education utilized in New York City public schools, many students are ill prepared for the challenges they are faced with when they enter the work force. To partially mitigate these problems, the NYC Department of Education seeks to implement programs at individual schools and at the district level to use technology to promote student achievement by tailoring instruction to the individual needs of students. The NYC Department of Education requested a Capstone team to compile and disseminate a comprehensive taxonomy of innovative best practices that can be implemented by teachers and school leaders. The Capstone team researched, analyzed, and collected best practices from domestic and international school districts. Then, the team created an accessible report that would inform New York City school and district leaders on how to implement these best practices, highlighting various barriers or constraints, such as costs and legal concerns. The NYC Department of Education will then disseminate the report to teachers, principals, and district leaders, and use it for emphasis in implementing new programs.