Improving Supply Procurement on Nursing Units

Client: New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Faculty: Anthony Kovner, Wilhelmina Manzano, and Rosemary Sullivan
Team: Media Berghout, Joelle Coq, Ellen Klingsberg, Nadege Pierre, James Skelly, Miriam Torres
Year: 2009
The Capstone team worked with a leadership team at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center to develop a process for improving the procurement of supplies on two adult inpatient oncology nursing units, one medical and one surgical. This project was triggered by a time and motion study done in 2006, which showed that nurses are spending significant time away from the bedside to obtain supplies needed for routine or more specialized care. To better assess the needs of the nurses, the team conducted surveys and focus groups with nursing staff. An evaluation of the flow of supplies both from the central supply source to the unit and from the unit supply area to the point of care was undertaken. The team initiated an evidence-based approach and considered limits in modifications to the patient unit. The results can be utilized by the hospital to transfer time spent on obtaining supplies to providing direct bedside care.