Information System to Analyze Lessons Learned in United Nations Capital Development Fund Program Evaluations

Client: United Nations Capital Development Fund
Faculty: John Gershman
Team: Gretchen Crowson, Jong- Seok Kim, Young Min Kim, Xaira Pagan, Shivi Prasad
Year: 2004
The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) is a member of the United Nations Development Program group, established as a special purpose fund primarily for small-scale investment through local development programs and microfinance operations in the poorest countries. The Capstone team extracted lessons learned from project evaluations and developed an information system for the UNCDF website based on selected criteria of project type, year, country, and schedule to establish a sample size for the pilot database system. Categories of lessons learned, project findings, and recommendations were developed to establish search mechanisms within the information system for easy access and analysis.