The Intersection of Incarceration and Food Insecurity in New York City

Client: The Fortune Society
Faculty: Ana Oliveira, Dennis Smith
Team: Caitlin Barrett, Adrienne Cahill, Sharon Carney, Sarah Martino
Year: 2012
The Fortune Society is a national leader in providing innovative, holistic services to formerly incarcerated men and women, as well as in operating a comprehensive alternative to incarceration program. Throughout the organization’s forty-year history, there has emerged a clear link between the incidence of incarceration and food insecurity. In recent years, The Fortune Society has begun to explore how it can help clients and their families access the healthy foods they need. The Capstone team researched the landscape of food access in New York City and surveyed Fortune Society clients about their experiences with food insecurity. The final report documented the research findings and a GIS map illustrating the relationship between criminal justice involvement and food access in New York City. This map and the corresponding report will serve as a resource for The Fortune Society as the organization develops new food-based client services and advocacy initiatives.