Leveraging Organizational Strengths to Generate Income

Client: Harlem Educational Activities Fund
Faculty: Christine Chisholm
Team: Desalina Allen, Francis Cheng, Jihyun Lyo, Johnny Machado, Triana Urraca
Year: 2012
Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) is a college preparatory and completion program that provides an extended continuum of education and youth development and leadership opportunities to underserved New York City students. HEAF has received multiple requests for youth development curricula, site visits, and management best practices from similar organizations. HEAF requested a Capstone team to evaluate its opportunities to leverage program strengths, staff expertise, and organizational capacity to create a new revenue stream. The team conducted site visits; interviews with HEAF administrators, partner organizations, and nonprofit earned-income experts; a literature review; and a competitor analysis to assess the market and organizational strengths and guide its recommendations for an earned-income model.