Lifecycle Cost Analysis of Sustainable Streetscape Projects

Client: New York City Department of Transportation
Faculty: Charles Brecher, Maria Doulis
Team: Carrie David, LaVicke Jones, Edna Marinelarena, Jennifer Proulx, Yvonne Wang
Year: 2011
In the design and construction of its streets and public spaces, NYCDOT seeks to use designs and materials that are high quality, durable, and cost effective. Currently, the full lifecycle costs and bene­fits of materials and designs are not con­sidered when assessing NYCDOT capital streetscape projects. To help NYCDOT bet­ter understand the full lifecycle costs and benefits of various design and material choices, the Capstone team analyzed data on recent NYCDOT capital projects through two lenses: the current capital budget approach and the lifecycle costing analysis approach. The team conducted research on materials and designs currently used in sustainable streetscape projects in NYC, Chicago, and London. The results of the comparative analysis will be a useful framework for NYCDOT and other city agencies to use to assess future capital projects.