Manager Development Program

Client: The Hospital for Special Surgery
Faculty: Anthony Kovner, Willie Manzano, Rosemary Sullivan
Team: Lisa Abrams, Mely Chua, Tricia Dougherty, Linda Leff, Diana Monteleon, Joseph F. Zwarick
Year: 2011
Today's healthcare environment presents many challenges to nurse leaders, and effective leadership training for nurses is essential to successful transitions from the clinical to the managerial role. Addressing critical competencies and developing the required skills to manage staff and navigate the politics of a health­care institution are instrumental to this process. Along with curriculum content, the method of instruction is key for suc­cessful integration of the nurse into this new role. The Capstone team developed an evidence­based curriculum within a mentorship and project­oriented frame­work that will provide a cohesive starting point to bridge the gap between clinical practice and effective leadership. This cur­riculum will be implemented within the nurse's home institution and with partici­pation of senior leadership in order to reinforce newly acquired skills and the institution's culture.