Monitoring Public Service Delivery Under Indonesia’s Emerging Decentralization

Client: World Bank, Jakarta Urban Development Office
Faculty: Paul Smoke and John Gershman
Team: Hyun Lee, Derek Piper, Nobuhiro Okubo
Year: 2003

In the wake of the 1997 Asian fiscal crises and the demise of the Suharto regime, the government of Indonesia has implemented a decentralization program that is considered the new hope for development and growth in the country. If local government performance in service delivery under this new system (both real and perceived) can be correctly measured, important feedback on how to improve the decentralization efforts may be determined. The Capstone team identified options for creating a framework to evaluate local government service delivery activities from the perspective of the general public with a Citizen’s Participatory Monitoring System (also known as a report card system). Such a monitoring system could be institutionalized to provide regular feedback on Indonesian local governments’ public service delivery performance.