The Needs of African Health Ministries and the Principles Guiding Investment Decisions of External Stakeholders in the African Health Sector

Client: The New Partnership for Africa’s Development
Faculty: Jo Ivey Boufford
Team: Farhad Asghar, Jacqueline Maxwell, Ekaterine Paresashvili, Wen-HuaYang
Year: 2005
African health ministries are partnering with a large number of bilateral and multilateral donors and development agencies, each with its own set of operating principles and approaches to health sector investment and planning. The New Partnership for Africa’s Development Capstone team has been asked to evaluate the impact of these multiple approaches on African health ministries’ ability to plan and deliver services within their national policy frameworks and their ability to maximize resources for the health sector. The final product of the research project will be a report containing comprehensive case study analysis for the health sectors of Ghana and the Gambia.