Neighborhood Economics Initiatives

Client: Seedco
Faculty: David Margalit and Mark Newhouse
Team: Katiana Anglade, Harold Pettigrew, David Schmid
Year: 2005
Seedco (the Structured Employment Economic Development Corporation), a national community development operating intermediary, creates opportunities for low-wage workers and their families by engaging with community partners and anchor institutions to develop, operate and learn from model programs that: help people join the workforce and achieve economic self-sufficiency; assist small businesses; and promote asset building for residents and businesses in economically distressed communities. The Capstone team worked with Seedco to develop a comprehensive economic and workforce development strategy that targets neighborhoods in Upper Manhattan with high concentrations of small businesses and low-wage workers. The project focused on identifying and analyzing industry sectors in Upper Manhattan, and identifying the technical, financial, and workforce related services needed to support and foster growth within these sectors.