New York City and State Tax/Revenue Relationship

Client: Citizens Union Foundation
Faculty: John Brothers, Monte Kurs
Team: Christopher Blanco, Andy Moleon, Rustem Sadykov, Diana Zuluaga
Year: 2010
Citizens Union Foundation is a nonpartisan organization for good government which ensures New York local and state governments operate in a fair, open, and fiscally sound manner while informing and engaging its citizens. Citizens Union Foundation requested a Capstone team provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis on the tax and revenue relationship between New York State and New York City from 1998 to 2008. This tax and revenue structure is seen by many city residents as overly complex, antiquated and inequitable. The report focused on the history of how this relationship has been shaped over time and examined its effects on key areas of city services, specifically education and Medicaid. Finally the report examined how a few other city/state relationships compare to that of New York and the effect it may have on their ability to meet the needs of its citizens.