NYU Abu Dhabi Bike Share and Supporting Infrastructure

Client: New York University Abu Dhabi
Faculty: Hilary Ballon
Team: Eva Erlich, Jon Keller, Susannah Still, Alice Walkup
Year: 2009
New York University Abu Dhabi has enlisted a Capstone team to develop a set of recommendations to encourage non-motorized modes of transportation as viable and enjoyable mobility alternatives for students. NYU Abu Dhabi is in the process of planning both the physical and programmatic aspects of its campus and would like the sustainability ethos of the New York City campus to carry over to Abu Dhabi. Recently, the NYC-based University initiated a bike share pilot program to provide a form of recreation and fill gaps in public transport. The Capstone team is working to develop a bike program and set of policies for both the interim and permanent campus in Abu Dhabi, which could potentially be integrated with a larger citywide bike share program. The Capstone team conducted extensive research into existing bike share programs around the world and traveled to Abu Dhabi to study the existing infrastructure and plans for future development. The recommendations made by the Capstone team will guide University administrators in implementing such a program for both campuses.