NYU Green Buildings

Client: "New York University, Office of Strategic Assessment, Planning and Design"
Faculty: Rae Zimmerman and Kei Hayashi
Team: "Lauren Brust, Erik Dahlberg, Arturo Espinoza, Harry Ostrander, Danit Simon"
Year: 2008
"NYU is committed to environmental issues and has established the Sustainability Task Force with the main objective of reducing NYU's environmental footprint. Implementing sustainable building practices plays a crucial role in attaining NYU's sustainability goals, as buildings utilize an enormous amount of energy, water, materials, and other resources. This Capstone project was established to analyze twelve buildings that accurately represent NYU's building stock, and determine methods for attaining the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and improvements in sustainable practices. The team gathered an inventory of the twelve selected buildings from various departments and that information was compiled, researched, and analyzed to create a report that lists what improvements must be made in order to obtain LEED certification. The team then made a series of recommendations to guide NYU in implementing sustainable practices for its building stock, and assist the Sustainability Task Force in achieving its goals. "