Operational and Cost Analysis for a New Educational Model

Client: Arete Education
Faculty: Christine Chisholm
Team: Rebecca Hamburger, Huili Hu, Claudia Perez­Pellicer, Matt Rose, Elizabeth Shields
Year: 2011
The administration of Middle School 223 seeks to transform the school into a com­bination middle and high school. The newly­formed nonprofit organization Arete Education will offer after­school program­ming to all MS/HS 223's students, extend­ing the school­day until 6pm for those who elect to participate. Additionally, Arete Education will select a portion of male high­school students to board free­of­charge at a nearby facility and engage in supplemental learning that will further their development. Arete Education engaged the Capstone team to develop a best practices summary of “winning” solutions from innovative schools around the country, a suggested programming structure for the afterschool programs, a sample structure for the boarding program in compliance with legal and empirical guidelines, and a draft financial analysis from the organization's development stage to fully operational stage. The Capstone team created materials that Arete Education can use to design its programming and secure the funding necessary to attain its vision of developing an innovative afterschool and boarding program for lowincome youth in the South Bronx.